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Name Program Program Year Dissertation Advisor Dissertation Last known position
Shylee Ezroni M.A. 2017 Technology analyst/Software engineer JP Morgan Chase
Luhang Li M.A. 2017 Statistician Yale School of Medicine
Uri Shaham Ph.D. 2017 Ronald R. Coifman and Sahand Negahban Algorithms, Applications and Theoretical Properties of Deep Neural Networks
Guoling Liu M.A. 2017 Data Engineer/TicketNetwork
Xuefei Yang M.A. 2017 TicketNetwork
Xi Pan M.A. 2017 Disney
Yue (Emily) Wang M.A. 2013 Research Assistant at the Harvard School of Business
Yue (Karen) Yang M.A. 2013
Claire Kelley B.A. 2013
Erin Michet B.S. 2013
Hesu (Kevin) Yang B.S. 2013 Asset Management Analyst
Varoon Bashyakarla B.A. 2013 Summer 2013: Eric and Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellowship in Chicago, September 2013: Working at Dropbox in San Francisco, CA
Taylor Arnold Ph.D. 2013 John Emerson and Sekhar Tatikonda Inference with Ill-Conditioned Design Matrices: Methodology and Implementations  Manager, Travelers Insurance, R&D Department
Yang Liu Ph.D. 2013 Joseph Chang Optimizing the Use of Summary Statistics in Approximate Bayesian Computation  Associate, Investment Banking Division, ICBCI
Benjamin Johnson M.A. 2013 Statistical Consultant at the Yale Center for Analytical Science (YCAS)
Dingjie (Diana) Wang M.A. 2013 Associate Analyst for emnos GmbH in Germany
Yuezhu (Rachel) He M.A. 2013 Associate at Discover Financial Services
Brian Choi M.A. 2013 Applying for PhD programs
Olivia Mala M.A. 2013
Patrick Burns M.A. 2013 PhD Student at the New York University-Stern
Bowen Wang M.A. 2012 Research Work with Lisha Chen Yale University Statistics Department Plans on apply to Ph.D. programs in 2013.
Kevin Zhang B.S. 2012 Analyst at Analytics Operations Engineering Inc. in Boston, MA
Antony Joseph Ph.D. 2012 Andrew Barron On achieving information-theoretic limits using high dimensional regression Post-doctoral Research Fellow Department of Statistics University of California, Berkeley
Luella Fu M.A. 2012 Ph.D. student in Statistics at the University of Southern California from 2012-2017
Fan Hu M.A. 2012 Teaching AP Statistics, Mathematics, and Economics Beijing Shiyi School International School Beijing, China
Kyoung Hee Kim Ph.D. 2012 Harrison Zhou and David Pollard Minimax Bounds for Estimation of Normal Location Mixtures Postdoc Researcher in Statistics Statistical Laboratory Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics University of Cambridge
Michael McInerney B.A. 2012
Daniel Ni B.S. 2012
Daniel Sokoloff M.A. 2012
Dahye Song M.A. 2012 PhD Student in Decision Science in Health Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Starting Fall 2013)
Sophia Tee M.A. 2012 Analytic Consultant Marketing Management Analytics (IPSOS) New York
Chao Gao M.A. 2011 Continuing his Ph.D. in Statistics Yale University Statistics Department
Wenjing Ge M.A. 2011 Data Analyst Yale University Department of Psychiatry
Ye Zhu M.A. 2011 Banking Analyst China Securites Co.,LTD
Diana Shen B.A. 2011
Zhen Li M.A. 2011
Wei Dou Ph.D. 2011 Harrison Zhou and David Pollard Functional Regressions for General Exponential Families: A Theoretical and Applied Study Ph.D. student in Financial Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management
Reshma Patel M.A. 2011 Analyst for NERA Consulting
Daniel Campbell Ph.D. 2011 Joseph Chang and Lisha Chen Classification and Clustering of Functional Eye-Tracking Data for Autism Spectrum Disorders Post-doctoral Research Fellow Yale University Child Study Center
Siyu (Leo) Liu M.A. 2011 Unilever International Management Trainee
Pavel Kireyev M.A. 2011 Doctoral Studies at the Harvard Business School, Marketing Unit
Sang Hoon Bae M.A. 2011 Air Force of Republic of Korea staying in Osan with US Airforce
Steven Ho M.A. 2011
Lin (Lindsay) Xu M.A. 2011 Enrolled in a Master's Program in Finance at Princeton University
Peisi Yan Ph.D. 2011 Harrison Zhou Asymptotic properties of parameter estimations for differential equations. Predictive Modeller - Plymouth Rock Insurance
Michael Kane Ph.D. 2011 Jay Emerson and David Pollard Scalable Strategies for Computing with Massive Sets of Data Associate Research Scientist Epidemiology/Public Health, Yale University; Co-founded Phronesis LLC 
Anusorn (Pao) Minphimai M.A. 2011 FAVP Market Risk Management Mizuho Corporate Bank, Asia
Adityanand Guntuboyina Ph.D. 2011 David Pollard Minimax Lower Bounds Assistant Professor Department of Statistics University of California, Berkeley
Matthew Hui M.A. 2011 Custom Analytics, Kraft The Nielsen Company
Arwin Zeissler M.A. 2011 Research & Teaching Assistant at Yale University and Adjunct Faculty at the University of New Haven
Albert Ahn M.A. 2010
Taehyung (Ted) Hwang M.A. 2010 In South Korea, preparing to take the LSAT exam
Yizhao Zhou M.A. 2010 Morgan Stanley International Commerce Center 1 Austin Road West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Xing (James) Hu Ph.D. 2010 Harrison Zhou False discovery rate control with groups Trader Citibank Shanghai
Chenhui Jiang M.A. 2010
Michael Page M.A. 2010 Managing Director Quantitative Strategies and Analytics at J&M Statistical Solutions
Liying Jin M.A. 2010
Xin Li M.A. 2010 Analyst Facebook
Jing Ying Ph.D. 2010 Andrew Barron Analyst at Citigroup, NY
Haben Michael M.A. 2010 Enrolled in Ph.D. Program at Stanford University
Yunjin Choi M.A. 2010 Enrolled in a Ph.D. Program at Stanford University
Andrew Lilly M.A. 2010 Syracuse University Computer Science
Alan Kim M.A. 2010
Creighton Heaukulani M.A. 2010 PhD student in Machine Learning Department of Engineering University of Cambridge, UK
Xiangcheng Xin M.A. 2010
Hanyu Xu M.A. 2010
Joshua Beach M.A. 2010 Founder and managing director J&M Statistical Solutions
Dokyun Lee M.A. 2010 Ph.D. student until 2015 Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania
Chuyang Yuan M.A. 2010
Min Ji Lee M.A. 2010
JingJing Song M.A. 2010 Senior Analyst at Columbia Investment Management Company
Jacopo Anselmi M.A. 2009 Google
Steven Jaslar Ph.D. 2009 David Pollard and Sekhar Tatikonda The Asymptotics of Combinatorial Problems on Random Graphs Position with the U.S. Government
Maria Claudia Prieto M.A. 2009 Associate at Capital Dynamics Zürich, Switzerland
Xiao (Grace) Yang M.A. 2009 Continuing her Ph.D. in Statistics Yale University Statistics Department
Chandra Erdman Ph.D. 2009 Joseph Chang and Jay Emerson Bayesian Change Point Analysis with Applications to Microarray Data Mathematical Statistician Center for Statistical Research and Methodology U.S. Census Bureau
Shengqing Zhu M.A. 2009
Xi Luo Ph.D. 2009 Andrew Barron Penalized likelihoods : fast algorithms and risk bounds Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Department of Biostatistics and Center for Statistical Sciences Brown University
John Ferguson Ph.D. 2009 Joseph Chang Loss functions and approximations in selecting and ranking populations Research Fellow in Biostatistics at University of Limerick in Ireland
Seongmin Han Ph.D. 2009 Joseph Chang Likelihood Ratio Tests in Variance Components Models for Identifying Genetic Risk factors for Complex Disorders Using Multiple Quantitative Traits Research Fellow National Cancer Institute
Cong Huang Ph.D. 2008 Andrew Barron Risk of Penalized Least Squares,Greedy Selection and L1-Penalization for Flexible Function Libraries Manager Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China
Wei Qiu Ph.D. 2008 Andrew Barron Maximal wealth portfolios Portfolio Manager GF Funds Management Co. Ltd. China
Muting Wan M.A. 2008
YuiNyon Kim M.A. 2008 Fund manager Korea Investment Management
Jaclyn Scholl M.A. 2008 Ph.D. student Biostatistics Harvard University
Sangwon Lee M.A. 2007 Analyst LG Electronics North America Head Quarter
Yu Han M.A. 2007 Research Assistant China Research Center of Public Policy Beijing, China
Stephan Winkler Ph.D. 2007 David Pollard and Sekhar Tatikonda Uniqueness of Gibbs measures with Applications to Gibbs Sampling and the Sum-Product Algorithm Goldman Sachs, New York
Xiaoxian Luo Ph.D. 2007 Joseph Chang A new population Monte Carlo method using data reinforcement BlackRock, an asset management firm Financial Modeling
Tzu-yi Chuang M.A. 2007 Financial Institutional Sales Chinatrust Commercial Bank
Dean Palejev Ph.D. 2006 John Hartigan A bimodality test in high dimensions Postdoctoral Associate Genetics, Yale University
JungJu Kim M.A. 2006 Banker in Citibank Korea
Brendan Beare M.A. 2006 Assistant Professor Department of Economics UC San Diego
Anna Haykin M.A. 2006
Christine Ye M.A. 2006 Pursuing a PhD degree in Marketing in the College of Business Florida State University
Michael Moldoff M.A. 2006 Research Programmer, RAND Corporation
Xiaochuan Wang M.A. 2006
Charles Melchreit M.A. 2005 Portfolio Manager Pioneer Investments
Eduardas Valaitis Ph.D. 2005 John Hartigan Tests for bimodality in normal mixtures Senior Associate Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Brian Valaitis M.A. 2005 Computershare
Yuan Zeng M.A. 2005 Actuarial Associate Lincoln Financial Group
Seonghee Han M.A. 2005 Ph.D. student in finance State University of New York at Binghamton
Soo-Hyun Kim M.A. 2005 John Hartigan Quantitative Investment Strategist Samsung Asset Management
Kwang-Ik Hong M.A. 2005 Statistician Psychiatry Psychiatry Department Yale School of Medicine
Jacob Katz M.A. 2005 Co-founder Vice Merchants
Jing Cao M.A. 2004 Associate at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison LLP
Gilbert Leung Ph.D. 2004 Andrew Barron Improving regression through model mixing Sr. Software Engineer at Google, Inc.
Gheorghe Doros Ph.D. 2004 David Pollard A class of one-step estimators in interval censoring Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Boston University, and Co-director of Biostatistics Consulting Group
Marios Panayides Ph.D. 2004 John Hartigan The market making system of the NYSE and other markets : implementation in emerging markets Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Pittsburgh
Susan Clapp [Perrone] M.A. 2004 Statistician University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Demographics and Workforce Group
Peter Radchencko Ph.D. 2004 David Pollard  Asymptotics under nonstandard conditions Assistant Professor, IOM Department Marshall School of Business University of Southern California
Daniela Cojocaru Ph.D. 2004 Nicolas Hengartner A strategy for parameter estimation in the nonlinear errors in variables model Mother
Richard Stockton M.A. 2003 Mechanical Engineer and Statistician Pratt & Whitney 400 Main Street East Hartford, CT 06108
Michelle Lacey Ph.D. 2003 Joseph Chang On convergence rates of the neighbor-joining method for phylogeny reconstruction Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Tulane University and Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biostatistics, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Anna Kochetkova M.A. 2003 Financial Analyst at Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund
John (Jay) Emerson Ph.D. 2003 John Hartigan Asymptotic admissibility and Bayesian estimation Associate Professor (Adj.) of Statistics at Yale University
Kun Gao Ph.D. 2003 John Hartigan The K-means tree Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
Cheryl Larson M.A. 2003
Makram Talih Ph.D. 2003 Nicolas Hengartner Markov random fields on time-varying graphs, with an application to portfolio selection Senior Service Fellow, Health Promotion Statistics Branch, Office of Analysis and Epidemiology, National Center for Health Statistics \ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Hyattsville, MD
Feng Liang Ph.D. 2002 Andrew Barron Exact Minimax Procedures for Predictive Density Estimation and Data Compression Associate Professor, Department of Statistics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mihaela Aslan Ph.D. 2002 I. Richard Savage Statistics of Natural Population: Seasonal Variation in Inversion Frequencies of Mexican Drosophila Pseudobscura Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (General Medicine); Associate Director, Clinical Epidemiology Research Center Yale University School of Medicine
Ronald Wilkins M.A. 2002 Actuarial Analyst National Council on Compensation Insurance Boca Raton, Florida
Laura Novak (McKinney) Ph.D. 2001 John Hartigan Classification and Prediction of Stock Price Behavior Sanford C. Bernstein New York
Alexandra Thiry Ph.D. 2000 John Hartigan Bayesian Regression with Coefficients Probably Zero Biostatistician, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Andrew Carter Ph.D. 2000 David Pollard Asymptotic Equivalence of Nonparametric Experiments Associate Professor Department of Statistics and Applied Probability University of California, Santa Barbara
Benjamin Axler M.A. 2000
Patrick Fitzsimonds M.A. 2000 Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Julia Hua M.A. 2000
Akihiro Nakamura M.A. 2000 Received Ph.D. from Keio University, Japan Currently an Associate Professor Yokohama City University
Sally Lesik M.A. 1999 Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, Central Connecticut State University
Jonathan Li Ph.D. 1999 Andrew Barron Density Estimation Using Mixture Models Senior Product Manager
Elena Goncharova M.A. 1999 Programmer/Research Associate Paradigm, 58 East 49th Street, 32n Floor, NY, NY 10017
Dan Kryzman M.A. 1999
Thomas (Brendan) Murphy Ph.D. 1999 John Hartigan Risk Robust Priors Associate Professor of Statistics, School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin
Jason Cross Ph.D. 1999 Andrew Barron Universal Portfolios for Target Classes Having a Continuous Form of Dependence on Side Information Whitebox Advisors
Xuemei Liu Ph.D. 1998 John Hartigan Covariance Estimation in Hierarchical Repeated Measures, Applied to Evaluation of the Effects of Parental Smoking on Asthmatic Children Federal Reserve, Board Mail Stop 401 Washington,DC 20551
Gerald Cheang Ph.D. 1998 Andrew Barron Neural Network Approximation and Estimation of Functions University of South Australia, Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics & Statistics
Andreas Schulz M.A. 1998
Franklin Parlamis M.A. 1997 Head of US Convertible Arbitrage, Pine River Capital Management
Jonathan Reuning-Scherer Ph.D. 1997 John Hartigan Mixture Models for Block Clustering Senior Lecturer, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Department of Statistics
Qun Xie Ph.D. 1997 Andrew Barron  Minimax Coding and Prediction Statistician, GE Capital, Stamford, CT
Yuewu Xu Ph.D. 1997 David Pollard Asymptotic theory in the presence of unidentified parameters Assistant Professor, Finance & Business Economics Fordham University
Ronald (Ron) Fricker Ph.D. 1997 Nonparametric Control Charts for Multivariate Data&nbsp;Advisor: Joseph Chang< Naval Post- Graduate School
Carin Kuo M.A. 1997
Yuhong Yang Ph.D. 1996 Andrew Barron  Minimax Optimal Density Estimation Professor, School of Statistics Univiversity of Minnesota
Karna Bryan M.A. 1996 MSA Project Leader NATO Undersea Research Centre
Edwin (Ed) Iversen Ph.D. 1995 John Hartigan A Spatial-Temporal Model for Real Estate Price Indices Associate Research Professor, Dept. of Statistical Science, Duke University
Monica Nordeen (Kester) M.A. 1995 Director of Student Accounting Marquette Area Public Schools
Thomas Kelleher Ph.D. 1995 John Hartigan Admissibility of Test-Based Estimators Group Director, Neurosciences Global Biometric Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Jiyeon Suh M.A. 1994 Department of Mathematics, Grand Valley State University
Zhong-xin Zhang Ph.D. 1994 John Hartigan Discrete Noninformative Priors Merck
Mihoko Hanafuji M.A. 1994 Rensselaer Polytechnics Institute
Zhiwei Ma Ph.D. 1994 John Hartigan Resampling a Stationary Time Series
Frances Barry M.A. 1994 J. Crew
Amy Kiuchi Ph.D. 1994 John Hartigan Predicting Progression to Aids Using Change Points in the Series of T4 Counts AT&T Bell Labs
Hemant Ishwaran Ph.D. 1993 David Pollard  Rates of Convergence in Semiparametric Mixture Models Professor and Director of Statistical Methodology Division of Biostatistics University of Miami; and Adjunct Professor Dept. of Statistics Case Western Reserve University
Gregory Rozal Ph.D. 1993 John Hartigan Exploring Features of Multivariate Distributions Using Constrained Spanning Trees Co-founded Quantus Partners LLC Currently, Vice President, Analytics at Mobiquity Inc.
Dominic Bennett M.A. 1993 The Orvis Company, Quantitative Analysis/Database Manager, Marketing
David Riceman Ph.D. 1992 David Pollard and John Hartigan An Estimator for the Linear Model AT&T Bell Labs
Evelyn Crowley Ph.D. 1992 John Hartigan Estimator of Clustered Parameters Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics UPenn
Sean O'Cathain M.A. 1991
Robert Sherman Ph.D. 1991 David Pollard  U-Processes and Semi-Parametric Estimation Associate Professor of Economics and Statistics, CalTech Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
Surya Mohanty Ph.D. 1991 John Hartigan Detecting Biomodality Using Minimal Spanning Tree Head, Clinical Biostatistics Johnson & Johnson
Donna Wagner M.A. 1990
Anna Nicolaou Ph.D. 1990 John Hartigan Confidence Intervals for a Scalar Parameter of Interest in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters Associate Professor Department of Business Administration University of Macedonia
Ruth Daniel Ph.D. 1989 John Hartigan Probability Models for Hominoid Molecular Evolution
Yu-Chiao Chang M.A. 1989 Received Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, Currently working for Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Mona Kella M.A. 1989
William Kahn Ph.D. 1989 John Hartigan Estimation of Discontinuous Two-dimensional Functions VP Analytic Capabilities, AIG General Insurance
Yukari Motoyama M.Phil. 1989 John Hartigan Detecting Biomodality Using Minimal Spanning Tree Senior Research Biostatistician, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Frederique Vernhes M.Phil. 1988 John Hartigan Consultant Biostatistics and Biostatistical Programming StatWise, Inc
Robert Brunell M.A. 1988 John Hartigan Robust Estimation Using Sample Spacings Associate Director II, Clinical Biostatistics Pfizer Global Research and Development
Michael Escobar Ph.D. 1988 John Hartigan Estimating the Means of Several Normal Populations by Nonparametric Estimation of the Distribution of the Means Professor Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto
Yuichiro Kanazawa Ph.D. 1988 John Hartigan  An Optimal Variable Cell Histogram Based on the Sample Spacings. Professor, Department of Social Systems and Management, School of Systems and Informaion Engineering University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8573,Japan
Jeankyung Kim Ph.D. 1988 David Pollard  An Asymptotic Theory for Optimization Estimators with Non-standard Rates of Convergence Associate Professor of Statistics, Inha University Incheon, 402-751, South Korea
Tore Tollefsen M.A. 1987 Scientific Officer, Space Applications Institute Joint Research Centre of the European Commission Ispra, Italy
Kenneth Cheng M.A. 1987 Chief Analyst (Asia) Informa Global Markets Singapore 100 Cecil Street #08-01/02 The Globe Singapore 268090
Heidi Goldstein Aronson M.A. 1987 Sr. Manager, Scientific and Technical Signal Assessment, Safety and Surveillance Center of Excellence, MD&D, Johnson & Johnson
Jim-Yau Wan Ph.D. 1987 I. Richard Savage Competing Risks with Covariates Associate Professor Department of Preventive Medicine University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Bernard Eydt M.A. 1987 Currently a student at Concord Law School and involved in cyber-security and information technology outsourcing. Formerly a Statistician at the White House Office of Management and Budget.
Jui-Chen Hsu M.A. 1987
Joan Foland M.Phil. 1987
Albyn Jones Ph.D. 1986 John Hartigan A Stochastic Analysis of the Propogation of Error in Floating Point Calculations Professor of Statistics, Reed College
John Fox Ph.D. 1986 John Hartigan Probability Models on the Sphere for Genetic Fate Mapping
Marilyn Stolar M.A. 1986 David Pollard Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research, United BioSource Corporation Lexington, MA
Deborah Nolan Ph.D. 1986 David Pollard U-Processes Professor of Statistics, University of California - Berkeley
Atsuyuki Kogure Ph.D. 1986 John Hartigan Optimal Cells for Histogram Professor Faculty of Policy Management Keio University Japan
David Austin M.A. 1985 (Ph.D. Economics, 1993, UC Berkeley) 1616 P Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036
Abbe Herzig (Jamner) M.Phil. 1985 Assistant Professor Department of Educational Theory and Practice University at Albany, State University of New York
Jacinto Fombona M.A. 1985 Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118
Lynn Truss M.A. 1984 General Motors Research & Development Center, Mathematics Department
Tom (Siu Tong) Au 1984 John Hartigan Estimation of a Change-point District Manager, Data Mart/Data Mining AT&T 2F336, 101 JFK Parkway Short Hills, NJ 07078
Edward Carlstein 1984 John Hartigan Aysmptotic Normality and Variance Estimation for a General Statistic from a Stationary Process Professor of Statistics, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Wei Liu M.A. 1984 Mathematics Department, University of Jilin Changchun, Republic of China
Philip Rosenberg M.A. 1984 (Ph.D. Biostatistics 1988) Principal Investigator Biostatistics Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemology and Genetics National Cancer Institute
Antonio Possolo Ph.D. 1983 John Hartigan  Spatial Point Processes Division Chief, Statistical Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Daniel Barry Ph.D. 1983 John Hartigan Non-parametric Bayesian Regression President, Limerick University, Ireland
Daniel Zelterman Ph.D. 1983 I. Richard Savage Goodness of Fit Tests for Large Sparse Tables of Categorical Data Professor, Division of Biostatistics - Epidemology and Public Health - Yale University School of Medicine
Bruce Roberts M.Phil. 1983 Software architect, IBM
John Paredes M.Phil. 1982 Technology Manager for Decision Support GTE Telecommunication Services, Inc.
John Irvine Ph.D. 1982 Frank Anscombe Change in Regime in Regression Models Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Laboratory Technical Staff, Information and Decision Systems
Jonathan Arnold Ph.D. 1982 I. Richard Savage Statistics of Natural Population: Seasonal Variation in Inversion Frequencies of Mexican Drosophila Pseudobscura Professor of Genetics and Adjunct Professor of Statistics, University of Georgia
Michael Powers M.A. 1982 Professor, Risk and Insurance Mathematics Department of Finance School of Economics and Management Tsinghua University Beijing, China
Daniel Ramey Ph.D. 1982 John Hartigan A Non-parametric Test of Bimodality with Applications to Cluster Analysis
Stuart Newstead M.Phil. 1982 Chief Executive Officer, Ellare
Gary Oehlert Ph.D. 1981 John Hartigan  Estimating the Mean of a Positive Random Variable Professor of Statistics, University of Minnesota
Brian Draper M.Phil. 1981
Sten Bergman Ph.D. 1981 I. Richard Savage Acceptance Sampling:The Buyer's Problem Director, Standard & Poor's
Ho-Len Chang M.Phil. 1980 Member of the American Academy of Actuaries and an Associate of the Society of Actuaries
James Attwood Jr 1980 I. Richard Savage Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
Jeffrey Simonoff Ph.D. 1980 John Hartigan A Penalty Function Approach to Smoothing Large Sparse Contingency Tables Professor of Statistics, New York University - Stern School of Business
Bruce Spencer Ph.D. 1979 I. Richard Savage Benefit-cost Analysis of Data Used to Allocate Funds: General Revenue Sharing Professor of Statistics,  Northwestern University
Silvi Liberman M.A. 1979 Deceased 2002. Formerly at: Statistics Department University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104-6302
Anthony Wong Ph.D. 1979 John Hartigan  Hybrid Clustering
Christel Mack M.A. 1979
David Yee M.A. 1979
Steven Schwager Ph.D. 1979 Barry Margolin Detection of Multivariate Outliers Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology, Cornell University - Ithaca
Lorraine DeRobertis Ph.D. 1978 John Hartigan The Use of Partial Prior Knowledge in Bayesian Inference
Adnan Awad Ph.D. 1978 John Hartigan A Martingale Approach to the Asymptotic Normality of Posterior Distributions Professor of Mathematics, University of Jordan
Ellen Post M.Phil. 1978 ABT Associates, Inc. Bethesda, MD
Rouh-Jane Chou Ph.D. 1978 Robb Muirhead Asymptotic Behavior of Some Distributions in Multivariate Analysis with Applications to Testing and Estimation National Tsing Hua University, Hsin Chu, Taiwan Institute of Statistics
William Glynn Ph.D. 1977 Robb Muirhead Asymptotic Distribution of Latent Roots in Canonical Correlation and Discriminant Analysis with Applications to Testing and Estimation
Jean-Michel Pomarede Ph.D. 1976 Ward Whitt A Unified Approach via Graphs to Skorohod's Topologies on the Function Space Government Advisor, TASC
William Eddy Ph.D. 1976 John Hartigan Optimum Kernel Estimators of the Mode Professor of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
Yohanan Wax Ph.D. 1976 John Hartigan The Adjusted Covariance Regression Estimate Deceased
Stephen Record M.A. 1976 Senior programmer, systems software and operating system technology, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Hawthorne, NY
Takashi Miyawaki Ph.D. 1976 John Hartigan Mixture of Two Distributions: A Bayesian Rejection of Outliers
Gokul Ghia Ph.D. 1976 John Hartigan Truncated Generalized Bayes Tests The New India Industries, Ltd. 12A/A Bakhtawar, Nariman Point Bombay, 400 021, India
Christine Waternaux Ph.D. 1975 John Hartigan Asymptotic Distribution of the Sample Roots for a Nonnormal Population Associate Professor, Biostatistics, New York State Psychiatric Institute
Camille Courade M.Phil. 1975 SNEAP, 26 Avenue Des Lilas, 64000 Pau, France
Lawrence Rafsky Ph.D. 1975 On the Admissibility of Proportions Observed in Samples Drawn with Replacement CEO of Acquire Media
Herman Friedman M.Phil. 1975 Deceased 2010, Previously worked as a Private Consultant
Gerard Dallal Ph.D. 1975 John Hartigan Simple Interaction Models for Two-dimensional Contingency Tables Scientist I, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University
Nancy C. Anthony M.Phil. 1974 Barry Margolin Executive Director Oklahoma City Community Foundation P.O. Box 1146 Oklahoma City, OK 73101 (405) 235-5603
Norman Johnson Ph.D. 1974 John Hartigan The Effect of Population Skewness on Confidence Intervals Determined from Mean-like Statistics Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Bureau of the Census
Yuzo Hosoya Ph.D. 1974 Estimation Problems on Stationary Time-series Models Advisor: Barry H. Margolin Emeritus Professor Tohoku University
Theresa Lo (Chen) M.Phil. 1974
Francois DuMontet M.Phil. 1974
Yasuko Chikuse Ph.D. 1974 Robb Muirhead Asymptotic Expansions for the Distributions of the Latent Roots of Two Matrices in Multivariate Analysis Emeritus Professor, Kagawa University, Kagawa-Ken 760, Japan
Diccon Bancroft M.Phil. 1974 Deceased 2008. Formerly at: W.L. Gore & Associates Delaware
John Yadvish M.Phil. 1974
Yuzo Hosoya Ph.D. 1974 Barry H. Margolin Estimation Problems on Stationary Time-series Models Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University
Ralph Johnston M.A. 1973
Gilles Santini M.Phil. 1973
Jack Alanen Ph.D. 1972 Leonard Jimmie Savage Empirical Study of Aliquot Series Retired as Senior Scientist in 2000 from Litton Data Systems, Retired Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University (CSUN)
Howard Gilbert M.Phil. 1972 Sr. Systems Specialist, Technology and Planning, Yale University, Computing and Information Systems
Donald Archibald M.Phil. 1972 Barry Margolin Senior Director, Biostatistics at Knopp Biosciences, President at ABCT Consulting
Susan Kornstein M.Phil. 1972 Director Content Development K-12 Professional Development The College Board
Lorenzo Falcidieno M.Phil. 1972
Donald Berry Ph.D. 1971 Joseph Kadane and Leonard Jimmie Savage A Bernoulli Two-armed Bandit Head, Division of Quantitative Sciences and Chairman, Department of Biostatistics & Frank T. McGraw Memorial Chair of Cancer Research University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
William DuMouchel Ph.D. 1971 Stable Distributions in Statistical Inference Chief Statistical Scientist, Phase Forward Lincoln Safety Group
Charles Patrick 1971 Canada, Jean Talon Building 5th Floor, Tunney's Pasture Ottawa K1A 0T6, Ontario, Canada
John Ramage Ph.D. 1971 A Perturbation Study of the k-class Estimators in the Presence of Specification Error AT&T Bell Labs.- Murray, Consumer Lab
William Chin M.Phil. 1970 Actuary, AEGON USA Bedford, TX
Robert Ling Ph.D. 1970 John Hartigan Cluster Analysis Retired in 1999, Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
Pierre Pilon M.Phil. 1970 Professor, Hautes Etudes Comm. 5255 Decelles, Montreal H3T 1V6,Quebec, Canada
Louis Montoya M.Phil. 1970
William Winter 1969 Retired in 2000, Formerly: Avionics Instrumentation Manager, Boeing Company Seattle, WA
John Mellman M.Phil. 1969 Retired
William Cleveland Ph.D. 1969 Leonard Jimmie Savage Time Series Projections: Theory and Practice Shanti S. Gupta Professor of Statistics, Courtesy Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University, Department of Statistics
Daniel Relles Ph.D. 1968 Robust Regression by Modified Least Squares Senior Statistician, Social Policy Dept., Rand Corporation
Bhupendra Shah Ph.D. 1968 Distribution Theory of Quadratic Forms Helen Hayes Hospital, West Haverstraw, NY 10993
Richard Olshen Ph.D. 1966 Frank Anscombe and Jimmie Savage Asymptotic Properties of the Periodogram of a Discrete Stationary Process Chief, Division of Biostatistics Dept of Health Research and Policy School of Medicine Professor(by Courtesy) of Electrical Engineering and Statistics Stanford University
Anne Parkhurst M.S. 1965 Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Nebraska
Carleton Walker M.S. 1965
James Lucas M.S. 1965 Advisor: Frank Anscombe Consultant J. M. Lucas & Associates Delaware
Christopher Bingham Ph.D. 1964 Alan T. James Professor, Retired in 2008 from the University of Minnesota