Terminal MA FAQ’s

Question: Are there opportunities for carrying out independent research as part of the M.A./M.S. programs?

Answer: It is rare (but not without precedent) for a Master’s student to have a whole course devoted to a single research project under the guidance of a faculty member. However, some of the Statistics courses (such as “Stochastic Processes” and many of the more advanced courses) often do have a research project as part of the course requirement.

Question: Am I allowed to take courses outside the Statistics Department?

Answer: Yes, if you can persuade the DGS that those courses are relevant to the degree. See courses taken by recent M.A. students for some examples. Note that some Statistics and Data Science courses are actually taught in collaboration with other Yale departments. (See also the Yale Online Course Information web site, which shows many courses cross-listed with other departments.)  Biostatistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science offer some particularly popular options.

Question: I was accepted into the M.A. program in Statistics; can I switch to the M.S. program in Statistics and Data Science?  And could a student switch in the opposite direction?

Answer: Yes and yes. This should be done at the start of a semester using the Departmental Transfer Form.

Question: Submitting GRE scores is optional, but could it give me an advantage?

Answer: We don’t disclose details of our admissions review but we make use of all available information.

Question: Is a 3-year undergraduate degree acceptable?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are there Teaching Assistant or Teaching Fellow or Research Assistant positions available?

Answer: These are possible but not guaranteed.  We simply don’t know in advance.

Question: Is there an option to do a M.A. or M.S. thesis?

Answer: No, although a practical project or independent study can serve a similar purpose.

Question: Can I defer my admission?

Answer: No, although you are welcome to apply again and this will not be held against you in the process.

Question: I’m an international student; can I complete the M.S. over four semesters?

Answer: No.  You need to complete it on schedule in three semesters, after which you may stay as a full-time non-degree student for an additional semester if you are in good standing.