Course of Study

All graduate students must consult at the start of each semester with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), whose signature is needed before course selections become official.

  • Twelve courses, chosen in consultation with the DGS, are required before students can be admitted to candidacy after the second year.

  • We strongly recommend that students take
    • S&DS 551 (Stochastic Processes)
    • S&DS 600 (Advanced Probability)
    • S&DS 610 (Statistical Inference)
    • S&DS 612 (Linear Models)
    • S&DS 661 (Data Analysis, prerequisite for S&DS 625, below)

          which are taught every year.

  • We require that students take S&DS 625 (Case Studies) and S&DS 626 (Practical work).
  • Students usually choose the remaining courses from a list of special topics that are offered on an irregular schedule, determined by a combination of student demand and faculty interests.  Graduate courses in other departments can also be taken with permission from the DGS.

  • There is no foreign language requirement.