Ph.D. Admissions

The Ph.D. program admits only a small number of new students each year.  We received more than 300 applications for the Fall 2024 cohort; in general, we hope to make 15-18 offers and obtain an entering class of about six to eight students.

All applications for this program should be submitted directly to the Yale Graduate School Office of Admissions through the online application page.

Application requirements and guidelines

Scores from the GRE General Test are now optional.  A GRE Subject Test is also optional, although the Mathematics Subject Test is not recommended for students whose undergraduate major was not Mathematics. 

All applicants should have a strong mathematical background, including advanced calculus, linear algebra, elementary probability theory, and at least one course providing an introduction to mathematical statistics. An undergraduate major may be in statistics, mathematics, computer science, or in a subject in which significant statistical problems may arise.

For those whose native language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores are required. A strong command of English is essential for success at Yale.  This requirement is waived only for applicants who, prior to matriculation at Yale, will have received a baccalaureate degree or its international equivalent with three years of residency from a college or university where English is the primary language of instruction.

The offer of admission typically includes full tuition ($48,300 in 2023-24) and a generous stipend (roughly $40,300 for 2023-24) for five years.  Consult the Graduate School’s financial assistance page (UPDATE NEEDED) for additional detail on living costs and funding.

For incoming students whose TOEFL scores fall below the level required to satisfy the Graduate School’s Oral English Proficiency Standard, the Graduate School provides a stipend for support during a three week Immersive English Program, held late in summer on the Yale campus.

Tuition and Living Costs (UPDATE NEEDED)