Terminal MA/MS Programs

The Department offers a broad training program comprised of the main areas of statistical theory (with emphasis on foundations, Bayes theory, decision theory, nonparametric statistics), probability theory, stochastic processes, asymptotics, information theory, machine learning, data analysis, statistical computing, and graphical methods.

With this background, graduates of the program have found excellent positions in industry, and government. See the list of M.A. alumni for examples.

We now offer both the 8-course M.A. in Statistics and a new 12-course M.S. in Statistics & Data Science!  Students may apply to either program but are also allowed to change between programs during their study.  Petitions for such changes should be done at the start of a new semester using the Departmental Transfer Form.

Recent placements

Very recent graduates of the terminal Master’s program have continued their graduate education at Yale, the University of Michigan School of Business, the University British Columbia, Stanford University, and Purdue University.  Other recent graduates have been employed by Oliver Wyman, Captrust, Deutsch Bank, RAAP, Progressive Leasing, Mathematica, McKinsey, 7 Eleven, and Facebook.  These are just a sample of recent graduate activity, and we encourage all alumni to keep in touch and let us know of any updates!