Data Science Certificate FAQs

We are waiting for the registrar to create a process for this.  Presumably, it will be similar to how you select your major.

We do not yet know.  For now, imagine a scratch-and-sniff rainbow unicorn.

We do not yet have a contact person for the Certificate.  For now, you may ask questions using this form.

No.  The certificate will first be offered to the class of 2020.

No.  The certificate is only for undergraduates.

No.  There can be no overlap between courses used to complete your major and the certificate.  If a course in the certificate must be counted in your major, we suggest that you take a different course in the certificate.  We will prepare a list of allowable substitutions.  Or, you could ask your DUS that you be allowed to complete a different course in your major.

No.  Every course in the certificate must be taken for a grade.  If you have alredy taken a course for the Certificate Cr/D/F, we suggest that you take a substitute course for a grade.  We will produce a list of substitute courses.  These will be more advanced, downstream courses.

We hope to begin offering these new courses in the 2019-2020 academic year.  We caution that these courses will not count towards the S&DS Major.