Data Science Certificate FAQs

The S&DS certificate notation appears upon graduation and is listed in the upper left hand corner of a student’s transcript in the form:

Student Number

Record of: [student name]



Events: Certificate: Data Science

No.  The certificate is only for undergraduates.

No.  There can be no overlap between courses used to complete your major and the certificate.  If a course in the certificate must be counted in your major, we suggest that you take a different course in the certificate.  Or, you could ask your DUS that you be allowed to complete a different course in your major.  Similarly, we note that the term “prerequisite” is used by EP&E (for example – maybe others) to describe courses that count for the major but are “prerequisite” to applying to the major; an overlap here is similarly not permitted.

For courses taken in Spring 2020: YES.

For courses taken in other semesters: No.  Every course in the certificate must be taken for a grade.