Yale S&DS NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Ref: NFT/Yale/S&DS/1 (Pilot NFT)

Yale S&DS’s first NFT can be found at https://foundation.app/YaleDataScience/anscombe-s-quartet-the-first-yale-s-ds-nft-41810 The NFT was originally minted on 5/28/2021.

Our first NFT honors the work of Francis John “Frank” Anscombe, who was the founding chair of the department. Frank Anscombe introduced Anscombe’s quartet in [1] to argue for the importance of using graphs and studying outliers. The four data sets have the same descriptive statistics (such as means, variances, and correlations), but when plotted, one sees the significant differences between them. Anscombe’s quartet is a classic example used in countless books to teach students about good practices in statistics. This NFT is a tribute to the history of our department, and it symbolizes our commitment to teaching and training researchers.

This first-of-a-kind pilot NFT is an experiment in a new way to fund research. The proceeds of this first experimental auction (minus the fees) will help support graduate students and postdocs.

You can learn more about the platform we used to mint this NFT at https://foundation.app. Information about purchasing NFTs on Foundation can be found at https://help.foundation.app/en/collections/2692228-a-complete-guide-to-becoming-a-collector.

Price paid may or may not be partially tax deductible as a charitable contribution, consult your tax advisor.

Additional NFT Terms:

This offer is for an NFT produced for the Department of Statistics and Data Science at Yale University. This NFT is limited to just one edition and will never be minted again. We grant to the owner of the NFT a royalty-free right to use, copy and display of the graphics associated with this NFT for the owner’s personal non-commercial use, and as needed to resell the NFT, in which case the seller’s license will expire immediately and transfer to the new owner. The license does not include the rights to modify the graphics, use parts of it, use it to market or sell a product or a service, incorporate it in media or sell merchandise that includes it. The license does not include the rights to use the Yale name or logo.

[1] F.J. Anscombe (1973) Graphs in Statistical Analysis, The American Statistician, 27:1, 17-21