Course of Study

To qualify for the M.A. degree, the student must successfully complete eight term courses with an average grade of HP or higher, chosen in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) at the start of each semester. Course selections become official only with the DGS’s signature. Courses in other departments can also be taken with permission from the DGS.

Specific requirements: It is hard to describe a typical course of study, because students come to the M.A. program with widely differing backgrounds.
The minimal requirement is:

  • all students must become acquainted with probability theory, at least at the level of Stat 538 or Stat 541.
  • all students must learn some statistical theory, at least at the level of Stat 542.
  • all students must gain some experience at working with real data, at least at the level of Stat 530, but preferably at the level of Stat 661 or higher.

We expect that some students, especially those who are enrolled for three semesters, will be able to take higher level courses, such as STAT 610 (Statistical Inference) or STAT 625 (Statistical Case Studies).

Here, we provide some examples of courses taken by recent M.A. students.

In the past, some M.A. graduates have applied for Special student status in order to take additional graduate courses at Yale.  Students petition for this status during the 2nd semester of their M.A. program and are required to complete the degree and graduate on time before beginning their study with Special student status.  Visa requirements may require full-time study (if applicable).