Major Requirements

The requirements are designed to achieve some balance and depth in each of the three directions of Probability, Statistics, and data analysis, by including

  • two courses in the theory and applications of Probability: Probability Theory (Stat 241a) and Stochastic Processes (Stat 251b)
  • two courses emphasizing the theory of statistical inference: Theory of Statistics (Stat 242b) and Linear Models (Stat 312a)
  • two courses in the methods and practice of data analysis, chosen from the four options Introductory Data Analysis (Stat 230b), Data Analysis (Stat 361a), Multivariate Statistics for Social Sciences (Stat 363b), and Case Studies (Stat 625a).
  • All majors are also required to take a course in computing (ENAS 130 or CPSC 112).

Beyond the above, the BA degree requires 3 more Statistics courses. Two of these 3 courses are electives. The third course is the Senior Seminar and Project (Stat 490b), taken in the spring of the senior year. In Stat 490b, the students will work on a research project, present and share their progress with each other during the seminar meetings, and write a final report. The BS adds additional depth by requiring one additional Statistics elective and one course in mathematical analysis.