Elective Courses

For elective courses, in addition to the options indicated in the data analysis section of the major requirements (the last bulleted item above), further undergraduate courses that we usually offer every year include:

Several graduate level Statistics topics classes (with primary course number 600 or greater on the course list) are offered each year, and many of these will be good choices for majors, and so can be taken by qualified students with permission. Also, several courses offered by the Biostatistics Department are appropriate, such as

  • Survey Sampling (BIS 538b)
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (BIS 540a)
  • Applied Regression Analysis (BIS 623b)
  • Categorical Data Analysis (BIS 625b)
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis (BIS 628b)
  • Applied Survival Analysis (BIS 630b)
  • Theory of Survival Analysis and Its Application (BIS 643a)
  • Nonparametric Statistical Methods and Their Applications (BIS 646a)

Further information about elective courses and other aspects of the program can be obtained from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.